The Connection Factor

~Helping you put together the pieces of your life's puzzle~

“How you think and what you truly believe connects to the way you live.”
                                              —Marian Struble

You can experience connected living in every season of life. 

When you live connected, you experience true joy, personal freedom, sustainable peace, and clarity. You discover how you can make a difference in the lives of others. 

Life’s journey is about being connected.  Sometimes we lose our direction, get stuck, or stumble over obstacles along the way.  When that happens we may need help to regain our footing. 

You can discover your Connection Factor and realize all you were meant to be.  

Is there something in your life that isn’t working?

The Connection Factor can help you find the answers to your life’s questions.

"The winds of God are always blowing but you must set the sails."  Unknown






CONNECTED LIVING—Are you living a passion filled, authentic life? Do you know who you are? Do you understand your mission and purpose in life?


TRANSITION—Has life thrown you a curve ball? Are you needing or experiencing a change?


SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY, DEVELOPMENT, TRANSITION—Are you searching out what you believe? Have you been trying to figure out the spiritual piece to life’s puzzle? Are you questioning religion, church, or other matters of faith? Are you a Christ follower, wanting to grow in your walk?

MOMS--Are you struggling with your role as a mom, wife, or woman? Do you feel as if you've lost yourself? Do you want support and resources?

LEADERSHIP-Are you interested in leadership, but unsure of your own abilities? Do you want to establish more effective leadership abilities in your life, business, or ministry?






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