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~Helping you put together the pieces of your life's puzzle~
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Exclusive Programs include:

Wondering if you will ever find "you" again?
This exciting 10-week program
will give you the keys to unlock the life you want to live.

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This unique, exclusive program will help you:

·         identify your values and desires

·         deepen your faith

·         overcome the obstacles in your path

·         create a life of faith and action

·         unlock your potential and giftings

·         live  your life to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Everyone has a song deep inside of them.
Discover yours!


“A friend is one who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the melody.”—Unknown

Connected Life Coaching is all about helping you move forward.  Marian works with any budget and designs personal and group sessions so that anyone can participate.

Curious about coaching and what it can do for you?

Try it on!

FREE 30 minute consultation and coach session.

Marian has developed several exclusive programs, each designed to achieve specific results. 

They can be tailored

to your needs and your budget.  

· Classes

· Workshops

· Retreats

· Personal Training Programs

· Group sessions

· Leadership Training

·        Home-Based Business


  Programs for individuals and groups, prices vary.

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